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2 December 2010
Some of you might have noticed that we've been having a bit of snow lately. Well, the mice haven't seen snow before, so here's the story of one Wee Santa Mouse, called Wee Mousie, who decided to brave the wintry weather and venture outside...

Wee Mousie was starting to get a bit worried that he might be out of his depth. Thankfully he had his cozy scarf and Santa hat on, so he felt confident he would manage.

But after a little while, the snow kept on falling and Wee Mousie decided that he had to have another think about things.

Now, Wee Mousie is a clever wee thing, and he managed find a shiny red sledge in the cupboard under the stairs.  He couldn't find his snow shoes despite searching high and low, but a sledge was just the perfect way to get about...

Wee Mousie whooshed from here to there...

...and swooshed from there to here. He had a wonderful time! After a little while, he decided that he wanted someone to share this wonderful snow with. So he built a Wee Snowman.

Wee Mousie was pleased with the Wee Snowman - he had a carrot nose, and button eyes, and nice black hat, but something was missing. Wee Mousie thought very hard for a moment....and then he realised what he had to do.

He built a Wee Snowmouse! Wee Mousie was delighted with his new friend - he loved his little orange button nose, and the stripey scarf that Wee Mousie had lent him from his large scarf collection. And he had a very fine hat indeed, with room for his ears to poke through.

What fun they had! They played hide and seek (Wee Mousie usually won)...

...and when they were tired out from all the snowball fights, Wee Mousie and Wee Snowmouse sat side by side in companionable silence and watched the snow falling gently on the trees. But Wee Mousie, being a kind-hearted wee mouse, felt sorry for the Wee Snowman, sitting there all alone, with no one to play with.

So Wee Mouse went to fetch Wee Snowman, and the three of them played together in the snow for the rest of the day!

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  1. Really just the cutest story ever!

  2. What a brilliant story! Sounds like they all had a great time.

  3. This really made me smile! x

  4. Absolutely brilliant. Love it x

  5. Eeeeeek - Wee Mousie is adorable :)

  6. This must be my favourite post so far!

  7. Wee Mousie says thank you very much for your lovely comments! He'll be taking autographs later...

  8. This is just sooo cute! I love wee mousie really sweet its made my day : ) Feeling all christmassy!

  9. What a beautiful story!!! Love these guys.

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    Merry christmas!!!