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Trevor the Snail (b.28 July 2010)

Trevor the Snail
9 November 2010
It's been a while since we've had a Snail guest-starring on the website, and so I thought now would be a good time to introduce Trevor.

Trevor was a special commission request by Debbie, who had previously commissioned Mr Sparkle the Gnome Cat, so I knew that imagination would not be in short supply. This Snail was to be a special present for her husband, Trevor, on their anniversary. The only guidance was that Trevor was into gardening and growing vegetables, and would that help in coming up with a suitable Snail?

The idea of having a Snail with a vegetable patch on his shell came to me one morning just as I was waking up (I have some of my best (some would say maddest) ideas at that time of day). This grew into creating a lawn for his shell as well, and I did this by layering thick sheets of green with thinner sheets of darker green to build up a cane. I then cut thin strips from this cane and covered a cylinder of clay which I shaped into a cone and rolled into a shell shape. Keeping the stripes straight was quite tricky.

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For the veg box, I extruded some thick strands of brown clay to look like furrowed earth. And then I had lots of fun creating miniature carrots and a lettuce :) I think this was the beginning of my creature accessorisation, a malady which has grown exponentially to this day...

Trevor the Snail was well-received by the eponymous husband, and he and Debbie uploaded photos of Trevor in his new home to The Snail Emporium's Facebook page. It's lovely to see the Snails in their new homes! Thanks to Debbie and Trevor for making me giggle!

Big Trevor wondered where his corinader was going - found the culprit naughtly little Trevor

Trevor noooooooooooooooooooooo!


  1. Slowly catching up here... Trev reminds me of a very special photo session quite a while back when my Mum was over for a visit. I had this planter with all sorts of weedy plants in it. Blue tiny buds, pink highlights, loads of feathery leaves and one very daring snail creeping up on the feast. It was already dark when we encountered the little gastropod, so all the pictures we took (and man, it was LOADS) turned out sort of eerie, some of them depicting a (very slimy) fairy in an earthy wonderland with, well, blue buds and pink highlights. That snail was, and I am downright honest here, drop- dead beautiful.
    It was almost as cool as the day we had that little ladybug marching up my window. Did I mention Mum and I are not weird, but gifted?
    Thanks for introducing Trevor, he brought back some treasured memories! (and reminded me to re- activate that darn Flickr account...)

  2. My birthday too! Must be a good sign!!! He's lovely!