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Wee Dog (b.29 July 2009)

So the puppy was born a few days after its mum. I love making these smaller versions, and I think the ears are a little better behaved this time around! The markings will take a bit more work - because I'm working on such small scale, it's hard to roll out the pieces thin enough so that they can be placed on the body without difficulty.

So I'm thinking about incorporating the markings before I make the flat bottom - placing the darker clay on the body, and then rolling it between hands so they become fully incorporated. The eye patch on the puppy is a bit on the large side and I also got
a bit sloppy with the eye placement - I've ordered 3mm black onyx and 4mm black obsidian round beads to use for the eyes, and I'm looking forward very much to using these. With plastic beads, you get occasional tag ends of plastic sticking out from the bead holes, which gets caught up in the clay.

The tails are so important - they really help ground the sculpture and make it clear that this is the entire animal, not just the head!

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