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Piglings (b. 27 July 2009)

OK, so I went a bit mad on Monday. Had lots of ideas about different animals to try, but I couldn't get enough of these little guys. I wanted to see how quickly I could make them, and how easy they would be to assemble.

Turns out it takes about 30 minutes to make four of them. I'm very fond of these - I experimented with using a core of scrap polymer clay and then using a veneer of pink/beige, but this allowed air bubbles to creep in and a few of the piglings have cracks in them. The better option is to go with a solid ball of polymer clay, and so I've now ordered some Super Sculpey in beige/flesh colour to see whether how this works as an option. It's so important to be scrupulous about baking temperature and timings, and so I have now invested in a table-top oven toaster which will be dedicated to polymer clay creations. I read a good tip that putting shards of terracotta tiles at the bottom of the oven would help even out the temperature, which should make baking more easy to monitor. Can't wait to refine these little mites further!

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