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Wee Horse (b.29 July 2009)

So. The horse. Interesting one, this. Quite a challenge to keep the nose right, and the ears took several attempts. Smaller is definitely better! Keeping the eyes close together definitely helped as well, and having the mane and tail in a darker colour also helps to ground the shape.

I experimented with a new way of using the extruded clay by folding it back on itself, rather than using individual strands. The result is a rather stylised version of hair, and I think it works quite well. Easier to attach to the body too - I'm loving the liquid polymer clay, which has been a bit of a revelation for me. It does create a very secure bond between pieces of clay.
I may well have a go at putting some legs or feet on some of the animals, just to see how they look. There's something very appealing, however, about keeping them all in the same style.

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