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Quernoholics Anonymouse!

19th February 2016

Following the success of the secret Facebook group I have set up just for the Super Secret Quernus Events (see How to Buy for more details), I have now set up a larger Facebook group which anyone can join called Quernoholics Anonymouse :) This is a group for fans of the wee creatures, and is a great place to post pictures of your collections, display ideas, have a chat with fellow fans, ask me questions and make suggestions. At the time of writing, there are over 260 members and dozens of photos posted - it's a lovely place to hang out!

I will also be posting details of whenever I do Random Creature Listings, and also when tickets for the SSQEs go on sale - the benefit of being in the group is that you'll get much faster notification of these posts (depending on your notification settings) than you do on my Quernus page. So if you want to adopt a wee Quernus creature, it's a good idea to join the QA :) Hope to see you there!

Some photos posted in Quernoholics Anonymouse

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