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Creature Events - The Conclusion

18th January 2016
Happy New Year! I hope you've all had a relaxing time over the festive period, and you've kept safe and warm (or cool, depending on where in the world you are!)

After my last post, I've now had a chance to review how the Random Creature Listings worked in the run up to Christmas, compared to the Creature Events, and I've had some wonderful feedback from you all - thank you!

The great majority of you thought that a mix of both approaches would be best - the Creature Events worked well because there's a set date and time when the creatures will be available to adopt, but because they're very popular, there's such a rugby scrum at the start that many people end up being disappointed. Quite a few enjoyed the random listings, but they work best for those who are on Facebook a lot.

So, going forward, I'm going to do a mix of both approaches, in that I will continue to do Random Creature Listings throughout the month, and I will also hold regular Creature Events - but with a twist! They will now be called Super Secret Quernus Events (or SSQEs (squeees!) for short), and I'm going to make these "ticket only" events, with all the ticket sales going to a nominated charity for that month :) Shortly before each SSQE, I will add a listing to my main shop for tickets to that SSQEs, and I will only sell as many tickets as there will be creatures to buy, so everyone who buys a ticket will be guaranteed a chance to buy a wee creature. The only rule is that if you buy a ticket, you can only buy one creature - it's the fairest way to go for everyone who buys a ticket for one of these events. (If you buy more than one, I'll cancel the second sale - fair's fair, after all.)

Once all tickets have been sold, I will contact everyone by email with details of the date, time and location of the SSQE. I need to keep everything firmly under wraps to keep to the "one ticket = one creature" rule.

I'll create a separate album for the SSQE events on my Facebook page, and all photos of creatures available for these events will have the above watermark. There will also be a monthly album for the creatures available to buy randomly as and when I list them.

Everyone who buys a ticket will be contacted by email with the date, time and location of the event (I've set up a super secret online shop just for these events!) However, the very first event (which I'm preparing for now) will be by invitation only for those who haven't been able to adopt a wee creature during the previous Creature Events (you know who you are!)

I've set out in detail the two ways in which you can adopt a wee creature on my How to Buy page - I'll keep an eye on things as we go forward, and constructive feedback is always welcome (but do remember that there's only me making the wee creatures, dealing with emails, updating my shop, etc, so I can only do so much!)

Thanks again to everyone who is a fan of the wee creatures - I have so many ideas I want to make, and hopefully this new way of working will mean that more people will have a chance to adopt their own wee creature.

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