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Toucan Brooch (b.25 April 2010) and other jewellery

Toucan Brooch

6 October 2010
I have so many draft posts waiting to be written (72 at the last count) about what I've been making over the past six months, that I've decided to have a different approach. I'm now going to dip in and out of these draft posts and pick ones at random, rather than go in strict chronological order.

So I'd like to introduce you to a Toucan Brooch I made up back in April this year. I was at the Keighley Sheep Fair (very cute lambs were in evidence that day) and about 10 minutes before the end of the market, a lady come up to me and asked with a note of desperation in her voice whether I had any toucans for sale. At that time, I didn't, and in fact, I still don't have any toucans, but I said I could make up a brooch for her and drop it off to her when I was next in Skipton.

What I particularly like about the brooch is that I've created free-hanging tail feathers, which are attached by jump rings.The brooch is about 5cm wide, and I just love the bright colours!

And some people have asked whether I've ever made other sorts of jewellery. Well, yes I have, but it's certainly not my main line. I have made some millefiori heart pendants for a jewellery designer over in Southport (some of you might recognise a few of the canes here), and that led me to making some small stud earrings (made with sterling silver posts and butterflies), which I'm very fond of but haven't got round to selling yet. So if anyone would be interested in seeing more of my earrings, please let me know :)

Heart pendants with 'Alonso the Snail' pattern

Large flower necklace. Won't be making one of these again.

Early heart pendant designs. The one on the far left uses 'Sophie' cane.

Butterfly heart pendants. The butterfly has since found its way onto Alice's shell.

An example of the stud earrings I've made.

Daisy heart pendants
So I've had fun playing around with jewellery designs, but my first passion will always be for wee creatures!


  1. Lovely work Kirsten! I especially like the toucan brooch with the free-hanging tail as I often make brooches like that with dangly bits! Your hearts are just so pretty too!

  2. So beautiful hearts with butterfly and flouwers! Thank you.