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Wee Holly (b.13 May 2010)

Meet Wee Holly. She's one of my favourite wee dog commissions, and I have Steph Keegan to thank for this. Holly (aka Big Mama) has been a dear friend and companion to Steph for many years, and she wanted a little keepsake of her.


With Holly, it was all about capturing her expression, which was slightly serious and a bit worried. I can imagine that Holly is a very loyal friend. It was also about getting a suggestion of her being a little overweight, which I managed by keeping the head slightly smaller than usual.

Otherwise, I wanted to retain the simplicity of shape, with only the merest suggestions of her legs. As always, her tail is strengthened by a wire armature.

Thanks again to Steph for commissioning Wee Holly - she's just such a serious wee dog, and a complete cutie!

The end
Oh, and just one more picture because it's the epitome of cuteness...

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  1. just saw a link to this on FB. I love my wee Holly, sadly she got some bad news at the vet last week and they expect she may not make the year so im very glad i got wee Holly done when i did. xx