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Wee Mavis (b.23 March 2010)

Wee Mavis

This is Wee Mavis, the miniature form of Mavis, who is owned, loved and who slobbers over my friend Becky of Bright Paws. Mavis is a Dogue de Bordeaux, a wonderful breed with a big heart :)

Becky very much wanted to honour Mavis's fangs, as these are what she fell in love with when she adopted her.

This is perhaps not the most flattering picture of Mavis that was ever taken, but you'll see what I mean about her lower teeth - they are rather prominent!

It was important that I captured Mavis's wrinkles as well, and I did this by creating the basic head shape, and then blending in thin ropes of clay around her muzzle. I shaped her lower jaw separately and then added some small teeth and her fangs made out of white clay.

This is one of my most clay-intensive models to date, as Mavis is a large dog. Being able to convey this in Wee Mavis was important, and adding a chunky colour helped to complete the look (yes, that's a little silver bone on the collar!) Wee Mavis is 5cm tall and 7cm long. Thanks again to Becky for commissioning her!


  1. So cute! I love your work! I will definately have to treat myself to a wee critter soon!

    Debbie x

  2. I love Wee Mavis, she sits on my desk at work reminding me of the real thing who is lying on the sofa relaxing :-)
    Mavis sends you lots of slobbery kisses :-)