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I'm a Featured Seller on Folksy! (22 June 2010)

Oh my word! I just found out that I'm a Featured Seller on Folksy! This is A Big Deal. Folksy have been running for quite a while now, and have featured four sellers every fortnight since they started, and these sellers appear on the front page of Folksy, and forever remain in the Featured Seller pages. They also pop up randomly in the right hand side bar when you land on the Buying and Selling tabs. There have been 144 Featured Sellers since Folksy began, and I feel very honoured that I've joined their ranks!

I only found out about it when I had a nosey round the forums and saw that Elki (the genius behind It Belongs To Turtle) had posted a lovely message about Turtle whom she'd commissioned me to make. (Elki has graciously agreed to help my campaign to have 'quernus' added to the dictionary, meaning to make something small and cute (esp. animals) even smaller and cuter. Petition your MP to make this happen.)

Turtle by Quernus

Another fellow Folksyan, DreadyDerry said that she'd spotted Turtle in the featured bits, and I wasn't quite sure what she meant. So I went and had a look at the Folksy front page, and there I was! To say that I am chuffed to bits is something of an understatement :) I remember when Lynsey of Swirlyarts was a Featured Seller on Folksy back in November last year (click here to read all about it), and I was SOOOO impressed and thought it would just be amazing to be a Featured Seller! And again when Pat Longmuir of PatsParaphernalia was a Featured Seller, I was envious of her for getting to those giddy heights!

So this really is a big thing for me - take a peek at my Folksy shop when you have a chance (I have recently added Wee Black Sheep and Roly Poly Rainbow Cats to the collection) - I'm off to have a celebratory glass of wine now :)


  1. Huge congratulations :) It's a great feeling isn't it?

  2. Oooh well done Kirsten! You're a celebrity now! x

  3. That's fantastic! Great to meet you at the Folks party your table looked wonderful! Jax x