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Love is in the air

Valentine Penguins
2nd February 2014
Happy belated New Year! The past month I've been taking some time out to work out the best way forward for Quernus, after what was by all accounts a rather manic period in the run up to Christmas.

You can read about the changes I've made to how I work, and also check out the new and improved FAQs. You'll also notice a slight change to the design of my website and shop.

For Valentine's Day, I've made some new creatures, which are available to adopt from my shop. The Penguins in particular are proving very popular, and I will be making more of these cute wee chaps :)

Little Penguins with Balloons having a party!

But the Mice aren't to be left out - I've found some wonderful wooden buttons for them to hold - there are Dotty Heart Mice, with polka dot heart buttons...

Dotty Heart Love Mice
...and the Pretty Heart Love Mouse Couple....
Pretty Heart Love Mouse Couple - I have plenty of these hearts just waiting to be 'moused' :)

And we can't forget these Little Sweetheart Mice, with buttons based on the Lovehearts sweets from yesteryear :)

Little Sweetheart Love Mice

Oh, and finally, these LOVE Mice are currently being auctioned on eBay, and the auction ends at 9.50am on Tuesday 4th February, GMT.

These LOVE Mice are currently up for grabs on eBay

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