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Introducing the Moodlings

3rd July 2012
June was an interesting sort of a month for me, one of those roller coaster ones that come along every once in a while. Not only did it not get off to a great start when I dislocated my left thumb and was out of action for over a week, but it didn't really improve when my computer caught a few bugs which (thankfully) are now fully cured. But on the plus side, I have developed a new range of wee creatures, the Moodlings, AND I have finally opened my long-awaited new online shop!

The Moodlings arrived in my head when I was at the Family Fun Day organised by the Bramley Cavies Rescue (thanks for a fab day, Helen!) I had been thinking about having a range of cute pocket money creatures that were still each individually sculpted with their own personality. And lo! the Moodlings appeared!

Pastel Moodlings
What I love about the Moodlings is that they incorporate my love of rainbows, along with the personality that all Quernus creatures have.  As well as standard Moodlings, also available are Message Moodlings (which hold signs), Keyrings, Magnets, Pendants and Bookmarks.

The Message Moodlings (or Wordlings as they may be called) are making me giggle a lot :) There's a lot of fun to be had coming up with one or two word phrases for the Moodlings to hold!

And the advent of the Moodlings has spurred me on to finally opening my new online shop! I have been working on this for several weeks now, but it seemed to be a task of ages to get all the wee creatures listed. And so I took the decision to open the shop with just the Message Moodlings (for now), and I will keep adding wee creatures in the days and weeks to come until all of my current range is available to buy direct from me. 

So if you're thinking about adopting a Message Moodling, head on over to the shop and have a look at the ones currently available. They are £12 each, with free shipping anywhere in the world - I think there is only one word suitable for such an occasion....

Bazinga Sheldon Cooper Moodling - £12 with free shipping
Until next time ;)


  1. They're very cute! I have been making simple polymer clay monsters for school fairs and am daily chased by a child clutching a drawing of the monster they want me to create - they're getting ever more complex!

    1. Thanks dottycookie! Sounds like that would be a lot of fun! There's something very satisfying about making wee monsters :_

  2. Love the Moodlings! They're a great addition to your range.
    Good luck with your new website :D

  3. They are fab Kirsten, I'm sure they'll fly out of the shop!

  4. I won't even bother telling you how ridiculously amazeballs these wee dudes are. They seem to come so naturally, as if they had existed all my life- makes sense?
    That fank oo guy has great potential for Hallowee'en, if you get my drift. So glad that silly old thumb of yours decided to play along after all and let you come up with all these wonderful little droplets of joy!

  5. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments! Stef, I know exactly what you mean - the Moodlings were clearly just biding their time for making their grand appearance ;)

  6. Aww, these are so cute! I bet you sell loads!