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Mice Anatomy

17th September 2011

The Quernus mice are good wee souls at heart. Many of them have found their way into the caring professions, and I have to say, I'd be very happy with one of these wee mites came to look after me if I was poorly!

I have just found out that Louise of Dinky Delights is a new grandmother to Cassie Louise, born last night to Michelle, and both mother and baby are doing well! To celebrate, we follow the mice as they might have managed this labour.

Paramedic Mouse

First to the scene is Paramedic Mouse, commissioned by Karen as a present for her boyfriend. I think he's rather a hunk :) His uniform is from the South Western Ambulance Service, and he's holding his green NHS bag, ready for anything! I create the badges using tiny spots of clay which I manipulated with a scalpel blade. I think these were the smallest badges I've made so far.

Surgeon Mouse
When the patient arrives at hospital, she's checked in and then seen by the midwife and surgical team. Surgeon Mouse is scrubbed up and ready for theatre. His grown is pristine, and has little ties at the back.

The surgical team also has a Haematologist Mouse on standby. This Mouse was commissioned by Christina in Glasgow, complete with oversized safety glasses, blue nitrile gloves and  a couple of tiny pens. I made the glasses by wrapping cotton thread round a black wire frame. The blood in the test tube is liquid polymer clay (Fimo's Deko Gel) mixed with some black and red pastel chalk dust.

Haematologist Mouse
There are always plenty of nurses on hand to look after the patient...

These two mice (along with Dr Jeremy Mouse who we'll meet later on) were commissioned by Kate. I made the bandages using Sculpey Bake 'n' Bend clay, which bakes to a rubbery finish. I rolled the clay out to the thinnest setting, which helped to create the frayed edges.

And after several hours, a baby mouse is born!

Thank you to Sam who commissioned these lovely mice to mark the start of her midwifery degree!

After the birth, both mother and baby often go and visit Dr Jeremy Mouse at the surgery for a check up.

Dr Jeremy asks one of the nurses to measure the baby to keep track of her progress.

This mouse was commissioned by Clare as a thank you gift for a nurse who helped her lose weight for her wedding. I made the tape by creating a JPG image using a DTP programme, and then reduced it to the right size before printing it out.

And Mummy Mouse always knows that if things start to get on top of her, she can always go and visit this kind soul to talk things through.

A big thanks to Lucy for commissioning these two mice. The couch was hand carved by Glenda, the talented lass who makes the stables for the Mouse Nativity. I made the clipboard from a rectangle of cardboard, again with a miniaturised JPG image for the notes.

All the mice in this post are between 4 and 5cm tall. No mice were harmed in the writing of this post.


  1. Fantastic! Your attention to detail is amazing :)

  2. These are just the cutest ans sweetest mice ever!

  3. Hi Kirsten - gorgeous wee mice as always - my hubby says you are very talented - but absolutely barking! In a good way, I assure you ;-) Looking forward to the next wee fellows... Anna x

  4. I have just come across your creations and i love them! Well done you! :)

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments :) The mice are blushing, but they are secretly very chuffed indeed :) x