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Turtle (b.20 June 2010)

29 January 2011
I can't believe that it's been over six months since Turtle was born. Oh my. Well, I think that means that it's about time I told you the whole story...

Some of you may know about It Belongs To Turtle. Some of you may also know that I am Turtle's Biggest Fan. Turtle is the genius creation of a lovely lass called Elki, and so when she contacted me last summer to see if I could make a three dimensional version of Turtle, to say I was completely chuffed is something of an understatement.

This is Turtle. I have always felt a great affinity with Turtle, probably because his favourite drink is tea. It is worthwhile finding out more about Turtle's background, which is rather surprising in parts. You can read more about Turtle and his friends here. I particularly love Giraffe.

Recreating Turtle in three dimensional form was a lot of fun. I based the design on the banner from Turtle's blog.

The fun part was making Turtle's neck thin enough where it joined the body, whilst still keeping it nice and strong. Of course, you've probably guessed what the answer was - wire armature!

And once Turtle was made, I couldn't resist making his little friend, who I believe still remains nameless. Well, that just happens sometimes.

To get an idea of Turtle's character, and to see see him in three dimensions, this brilliant short film made by Elki says it all. Enjoy! Right, now where's that cup of tea...

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  1. Turtle was so very glad to be born. Having 3 dimensions makes drinking tea a whole lot easier.

  2. It certainly has that pleasing side-effect, Turtle.

  3. awwww, I just love all your clay animals. So cute.

    I also love your blog and have awarded it a Stylish Blogger Award.
    Check out my blog at http://silverpawjewellery.blogspot.com for more info x