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More Snails! (b.6 July 2010)


I have just been having THE BEST time making wee snails! I would even go as far to say that these are my favourites, although obviously I have to say that very quietly in case the rest of my wee creatures overhear me...

Rather than describe the step-by-step process for each snail, I thought pictures might be more appropriate, given that the snails have been multiplying quite rapidly :)

Naked snails!

Fully assembled and ready for the oven!

Very Laura Ashley :)

I love the pattern on these - very Elmo the Snail :)

I'm seeing spots before my eyes...

And of course, it had to happen....Rainbow Snails!

And here are a few more I made over the weekend!

Watch this space for many more snails to follow - I have started listing them on Folksy, and will be putting them on Etsy too. And of course, if there are any special snail requests, you can get in touch here!

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