My new website can be found at http://www.quernuscrafts.co.uk/

Welcome to Quernus Crafts!

Welcome to Quernus Crafts - the home of all things cute and quirky!

I've been spending some time tweaking the website, and you can now:
  • have a look at all my creations, from Rainbow Cats to Wee Beasties, as well as the commissions I've made
  • visit my online shops (Folksy for the UK and Etsy for everywhere else)
  • contact me regarding commission requests or anything else
  • see what has been written about Quernus Crafts in the Press section
  • catch up with all the latest News from Quernus Crafts
Hope you enjoy the website - I have such a lot of fun writing it, as well as making up all my wee creatures!

If you want to return to the main page, click on the large logo at the top of every page.


  1. Hiya, just wanted to let you know that my kids loved their little orange swirly cat and pink pink that I (I mean Santa) bought from you at the Ilkley market!

    They are so cute!
    Thanks and Happy New Year x
    (Rachel Lucie Jewellery Designs)

  2. Happy New Year Rachel! So glad the wee kittens were well received! Hopefully our paths wil cross again soon this year - I'm hoping to do more Ilkley Art Markets later this year :)

    Kirsten x

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  4. These cats are gorgeous, and what a beautiful blog. I love your piglings! Pigling is such a lovely word. All the best. Angela.

  5. Thank you, Angela - I'm so glad you like my blog! And piglings are where it all started, only 6 months ago - they will always hold a dear place in my heart :)

    Kirsten x