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Wavy Lines (felt card) (b.6 June 2009)

This was the companion felt picture I designed at the same time as Abstract Blue - both cards were for my mother and her sister (they were 65 and 70 respectively on consecutive days, and my aunt's 70th birthday was celebrated in style in a stately home hired for the week near St Andrews, Fife).

For this card, I used white merino wool as a background, and then used hand-dyed Wensleydale wool fibres (wonderfully curly wool!) to create separate strands. I needle-felted these strands to the backing, with a smoke-like effect. This time I remembered to let the felt dry fully before attaching it to a card blank with aperture (unlike the Abstract Blue, which I had to keep weighed down under a heavy book for 24 hours to straighten up the wrinkles caused by dampness).

After designing this card, I wondered about using a combination of dry and wet felting to achieve interesting effects. I tried a sample piece where I split some brown wool and dry felted each strand to a backing, creating a rather convincing tree trunk. This is a technique I will explore further.

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